Viking Performance, Inc. specializes in high performance shock absorbers and struts, high travel coil-over springs, rod end and spherical bearings, and related items. Viking was founded in 2011 by owners with more than 50 years of hands-on experience in the racing and performance aftermarket. Viking saw an opportunity, as there was a huge shortfall in the number of double adjustable shock absorbers being used in the marketplace. Many consumers were settling for non-adjustable or single adjustable shocks, primarily due to cost considerations, when they would achieve exponentially better performance with double adjustable shocks. The majority of the market was lacking the ability to optimize the shock settings on their vehicles since they didn’t have access to adjust both compression and rebound independently; therefore, they were stuck with an overall ride quality and performance that was far from great. To optimize performance and ride quality, the compression and rebound valving must be independently tuned – hence the name “double adjustable”. Viking’s mission was to make double adjustable shock absorbers attainable for all. By only focusing on double adjustable shock absorbers, Viking is able to keep prices down at or near the competitions’ single adjustable shocks, thereby providing the customer with an exponentially better shock for the same dollars out of pocket.

Too often in this market, high price is equated with better performance – if I pay more, I must get more, right? That is simply not always the case. There are companies in this market that simply slap their label on shocks built by someone else, adding a big fat layer of margin to the end user that does not need to be there. There are also companies that offer non-adjustable, single adjustable, rebound adjustable, circle track shocks, fabricated components, rear ends, etc. That plethora of offerings ends up costing you more: it costs money – a lot of money - to stock and build all of those different items. All of that ends up costing the end user more at the end of day. At Viking, we focus on shock absorbers and related products, meaning 100 percent of our time is spent on designing and building the optimal shock absorbers for the markets that we serve. Viking conducts all research, development, prototyping, shock assembly, dynamometer testing and select manufacturing in-house in our 25,000 sq. ft. facility. Viking’s in-house engineering and product development team allows us to react quickly to changing market conditions. Also, all Viking team members are active enthusiasts and/or racers. There is a personal stake and passion that ensures our customers receive the best products and service.

Over the years, Viking has received SEMA's Best Engineered Award, and Global Media Awards. Viking has expanded its offering since the introduction of its double adjustable Warrior line of shocks. One of the first new lines introduced was its patented race-only Crusader shocks, which provide the largest forces in the industry. These shocks allow the user to change the rebound valving without tearing down the shock, and at an extremely reasonable price. In addition, Viking introduced it's line of double adjustable all-aluminum struts, which actually save weight versus adding weight like many competitive brands that provide a steel strut with an aluminum sleeve. Viking also offers its patented Voyager shocks valved specifically to provide the ultimate comfort ride, with the entire adjustment range engineered specifically for cruising. The patented Berserker line of high performance shocks and struts suitable for street and occasional competition use were added in 2021. Patented triple adjustable shocks in the Berserker and Crusader series were added in 2020. The triples offer high and low speed compression adjustment and rebound adjustment. As with the other Viking shocks, Viking is able to keep prices down and have priced these at or near the competitions' double adjustable shocks, providing greater value for the same dollars out of pocket. Whether you're drag racing or pro touring, or looking for great handling or a comfortable cruise, Viking has a shock for you. Viking was founded with the goal of providing desirable products that provide the highest value for your hard-earned dollar. You absolutely will not find a higher quality product at a better price… period.