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Viking Warrior and Viking Voyager series are available in double adjustable only, while the Viking Berserker and Viking Crusader series are available in either double adjustable or triple adjustable. Coming soon will be Viking Berserker quad adjustable. Viking does not make non-adjustable or single adjustable. A non-adjustable shock has fixed valving. There is no way for you to change the valving characteristics without opening up the shock, many of which are not rebuildable anyway. A single adjustable often changes only one side of the equation, which is most often rebound in our market, with the compression being fixed. Or, worse yet, there are single adjustable shocks that simultaneously change both compression and rebound with the turn of a knob, which makes for a snappy marketing tagline but not-so-good results, as that is generally not desired. The only way to truly maximize performance or comfort is through the ability to tune compression and rebound completely independent of one another. There are also positive side benefits of eliminating the non and single adjustable options, such as maximizing stroke length, not to mention the huge benefit of maximizing economies of scale to bring down the production cost allowing us to pass the savings to you through significantly reduced prices.

As mentioned above, the Viking double adjustable shocks allow you to independently adjust the softness or firmness of compression and rebound. So, what does the Viking triple adjustable do? The Viking triple adjustable breaks out the compression adjustment into two adjustments - low speed and high speed. The rebound adjustment is exactly the same as on the double adjustable shock. Why is this break-out of compression into low speed and high speed important or needed? In order to answer that question, it is beneficial to first explain the characteristics of the force curves of shock absorbers. The curves can be shaped as follows:

  • Digressive: Forces ramp up quickly and flatten out as shaft speed increases
  • Linear: Forces increase proportionately with shaft speed
  • Progressive: Forces increase exponentially with shaft speed
  • Regressive: Forces ramp up quickly and eventually decrease with shaft speed

On compression valving, the curve is generally either digressive or linear. The curve for compression cannot be progressive through-out the higher shaft speeds, as that would cause forces to build too high, causing failure of the shock or some other component. The Warrior and certain Berserker and Crusader double adjustables have digressive compression forces as shown in the graph below:

As shown in the chart, the compression force is digressive, meaning the forces ramp up quickly and blow off as shaft speed increases. Each turn of the adjustment knob changes the force curve throughout the velocity of the shaft, at low and high speed. Often, these tuning adjustments provide what is necessary for performance or comfort. What if you had the ability to alter the force based on the shaft speed of the shock absorber?

Now you could have higher force at 6 inches per second with lower force at 2 inches per second. The force range at low speeds becomes an area rather than fixed lines. For comfort alone, it would be huge to tune this way. For performance, there is a whole new realm of possibilities. Now that we can control the forces seen at low speed, it opens up the ability to increase the max high-speed forces. It is now possible to have a shock with a much larger range of potential compression force without having a negative impact on the forces being generated at lower shaft speeds. For example, a shock that previously had a max force at 6 inches/sec. of 300 lbs. can now have a max force of 800 lbs.

The next quesion may be, what level of adjustability (double or triple) is right for me? People often think this can be a difficult question with long, explanatory answers. However, the fact is, the answer is extremely simple. If your budget allows, a triple adjustable is the shock to purchase. Any shock that provides more tuning capability is better period! Now, other companies may steer people away from a triple adjustable due to the significant price tag, mounting considerations due to an added canister, or complexity in tuning. However, these are not issues with the Viking triple adjustable, as the shock is in a single unit that does not require a canister. Further, all of the adjustment knobs have distinct clicks, and the tuning guide provides easy instructions for starting points based on the series and use of the vehicle. Lastly, the Viking triple adjustable price point is unreal and has never been seen before in the market, making the triple adjustable attainable for all!