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Selecting Ride Height:
  • The stock mount application search is divided into two categories for each application: Standard Height and Dropped Height.
  • In general, the standard height allows for factory to a 1.5" lowered ride height; however, certain front double adjustable coil-over shocks with a compressed height >8 3/4" will usually allow for up to a 2" lowered ride height. This potential 2" drop applies only to double adjustable shocks, as the triple adjustable eyelet bottom shocks are 0.30" taller than the double adjustable shocks.
  • The standard height / dropped height recommendations assume that no other related modifications were done to the car such as dropped spindles, control arms with a built in drop, etc. Any such changes must be considered when determining the appropriate shock length.
  • The use and set-up of the vehicle must also be considered. For example, if the rear of a drag car is set-up for separation and a 2" lowered ride height is desired, choosing the standard height option may be the correct solution, as the taller shock will provide for more extension travel.
  • If a ride height outside of these ranges is desired (raised or lowered), then please consult Viking to determine the proper part number for the application.