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As discussed in "Choosing the Series", the Warrior and Voyager have a pre-determined valving range based on the purpose behind the series. As such, there are no further valving decisions to be made for those two series.

The Berserker and Crusader Series are valved based on a specific use and the information surrounding the vehicle specifications. Please see the chart below for recommended valving for the Berserker and Crusader Series. There are various factors that can influence the recommended valving. Our recommendations are based on a set of assumptions about the vehicle's use and specifications. These recommendations include an assumed front and rear spring rate natural frequency. If these assumptions change, the valving recommendations could very well also change. For example, if the actual rear spring rate natural frequency was less than anticipated for a pro-touring vehicle, we may change the Crusader rebound from a "P" to an "M". Please always feel free to call to discuss your specific build.