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Viking currently offers four different shock/strut series as follows:

  • Warrior™: Versatile shock for comfortable cruising to performance at the track, at a very favorable price point
  • Voyager™: Only double adjustable shock on the market designed solely for maximized comfort and overall ride quality
  • Berserker™: High Performance shocks valved based on the vehicle and specific use suitable for street/track use
  • Crusader™: Competition only valved specifically based on the vehicle and the use (drag, pro-touring/time attack)

Before diving deeper into the series, we will state the obvious - the force curves depicted below are not actual shock/strut dyno graphs. These were produced for
marketing purposes in order to provide a user friendly format for analyzing and comparing the different series and valve code options. Making them easier to read does not change the fact that they are a true representation of the forces generated.

The Warrior™ series is very popular for multi-purpose street vehicles due to its versatility in vehicle use along with the very favorable price point. Warrior™ double adjustable shocks have a digressive force curve for both compression and rebound. This means that forces increase quickly at low shaft speeds and level off at higher shaft speeds. This valving provides excellent low speed control with sufficient high speed forces. The large adjustment range allows the user to adjust from comfortable cruising to performance at the track. Please note that struts are not available in the Warrior™ series, as the design of the strut components require all struts with a similar force curve to the Warrior™ to be produced under the Berserker™ series umbrella.


The patented Viking Voyager™ double adjustable shocks have a digressive force curve with a fixed bleed for compression and a soft progressive rebound. This provides for softer, linear low-speed forces for maximized ride comfort. All Voyager™ shocks are equipped with a bump stop. Also, forces quickly increase at higher shaft speeds. This allows for adequate vehicle control to handle various road events. The Voyager™ series is unique, as it is a double adjustable shock designed solely for cruising. With many multi-purpose adjustable shocks, the tuning range for cruising is limited to a few settings on the softer adjustments, whereas the Viking Voyager™ provides a large, tuneable adjustment range specifically designed for cruising, allowing numerous options to dial-in your particular desired ride quality.

The patented Viking Berserker™ series was designed based on the Crusader™ platform as a response to requests for high performance shocks / struts suitable for street use. The Berserker™ is available in double adjustable, triple adjustable, and soon to be released quad adjustable. There are various force curves available for compression and rebound based on the vehicle and use of said vehicle. This allows the adjustment range to be tailored to how the vehicle is set-up and how the vehicle will be driven or used for competitive purposes. Since the Berserker™ series has street use in mind, both the compression and rebound forces will ultimately provide for a blow-off. That does not mean that the curves will necessarily be digressive at lower speeds. While some options will be digressive at lower speeds, others will be linear and some will even have a progressive nature. When comparing to the Warrior series, the Berserker™ allows for a broader force range curve allowing for strong enough valving to handle higher rate springs, front-end tie down, etc., or softer valving at lower speeds to allow for the tire to remain planted on hot, slick tracks or allow for easy-up weight transfer or rear separation. Further, the Berserker™ is a stronger design with better sealing characteristics since the Berserker™ is based off the Crusader™ platform and shares many premium, upgraded internal components.

Rebound Valving:
The Berserker™ rebound valving is the same in either a double adjustable or a triple adjustable. The quad adjustable will have different rebound valving options. There are various standard rebound valving offerings depending on the vehicle use and the vehicle specifications.

Compression Valving:
The Berserker™ compression valving is available in either double adjustable or a triple adjustable. The quad adjustable will have different compression valving options.

There are three standard Berserker™ double adjustable compression valving options: The "A" valving has a digressive curve and is used for certain drag race or street use applications. "G" has a firmer digressive curve at higher speeds, but has a fixed bleed for softer low shaft speeds. The force curve provides for more traction at low shaft speeds, especially on a hot, slick track that may be slightly rough or for when experiencing surface transitions or curbing. The "G" valving is used in handling applications or for ride comfort while cruising. The "H" valving is a firm, digressive compression curve that is often used on various drag race applications.

The Berserker™ triple adjustable splits the compression into low and high speed adjustments. As shown in the graphs, the separation of the low and high-speed adjustments allow for a much firmer maximum force.

The patented Viking Crusader™ shock absorbers and struts were developed based on requests from the pro-touring community, along with the small tire and high horsepower drag race customers. With these vehicles, there are situations that require rebound forces in excess of what standard passive adjustable shock absorbers and struts can provide. The other factor in our design parameters was the frustration that adjustable shocks and struts, in general, are too complex for the average person to be able to revalve.

From these requests, the Crusader™ was born. These shock absorbers and struts have various valving options dependent on the vehicle use and vehicle specifications. The Crusader™ is available is either a double adjustable shock, with independent compression and rebound tuning or a triple adjustable where the compression adjustment is separated into low-speed and high-speed adjustments. The rebound valving has a progressive curve that is strictly determined via orifice control. A progressive valve will have a softer low speed force that ramps up very quickly as shaft speed increases. However, do not let this description deceive, as these shocks and struts can generate huge forces at low speeds, depending on the needle and seat combination selected. In fact, this line of shock absorbers and struts produces forces far greater than nearly all others on the market. Depending on the needle and seat combination selected, the adjustment range can cover a very large range or a more narrow range with very small defined increments.

These patented shock absorbers and struts feature an interchangeable needle and seat design. The rebound valving adjustment range can be changed without completely disassembling the shock absorber. With the shock or strut in a vice on its side in the fully extended position, the rebound knob can be taken off, and the needle and seat combination can be changed out. This can be accomplished with basic hand tools. There are no expensive “special tools” required to be purchased from Viking. The process is similar to jetting a carburetor. Obviously, it is critical that everything be kept extremely clean, as there are very small orifices that must be kept free of debris.

Please note that Crusader™ shocks are intended for "Competition Only" applications and are NOT intended for street use. When vehicles are off-track or being trailered, they must be set at Viking's specified off-track settings.

Rebound Valving:
The Crusader™ rebound valving has a progressive curve, which can generate significant forces. There are various standard rebound valving offerings depending on the vehicle use and the vehicle specifications. The rebound valving options are the same whether you select a double adjustable or a triple adjustable.

Compression Valving:
The Crusader™ compression valving is available in either double adjustable or a triple adjustable. The double and triple compression valving options for the Crusader™ Series are the same as the Berserker™ Series. Please reference the compression graphs above under the Berserker™ Series.